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LOCKUP canceled



LOCKUP would like to apologise to all their fans and to the promoters for cancelling a number of dates. Shane Embury - Bassist and Jesse Pintado - Guitars are currently secreted away in Chappell Studio - England recording their new album for Napalm Death.


Shane Embury explains "We are gutted at having to cancel the shows. Quite simply what happened is other bands using the studio over ran and we could not get into the studio to start recording our album until last week. Schedules being what they are we are unable to do anything else - we have to deliver an album. The rest of the guys from Lockup were cool but hope you understand. Hope to see you next year or later this year."


Lockup will not be appearing at the following shows;


2nd Wacken

3rd Jena

4th Z7 Pratteln - Switzerland.



On behalf of LockUp


Jez Hale