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20.12.2007 Erstellt von Wacken-Helge

Es ist entschieden: Gaahl und King ov Hell sind offiziell Besitzer der Marke GORGOROTH und setzen sich somit gegen den Streitgegner Infernus durch. Auf der Webseite der Band - unter Führung von Gaahl und King - ist zu lesen:

"Norwegian authorities at Patentstyret [Anm.: das norwegische Patentamt] have made the verdict on the dispute over the further use of the trademark and logo GORGOROTH. It has been legally determined that King and Gaahl retain the rightful ownership and use of the name and logo, now and in the future.

King and Gaahl will not give a detailed public statement on this verdict however they have both remained confident this result would indeed be the final conclusion.

Any third parties who use the name GORGOROTH will from now on be met with legal prosecution.

GORGOROTH, King and Gaahl, will not continue to work with Regain Records given their disloyal acts concerning GORGOROTH and are currently carefully choosing a new label for the release of their next full-length album.

King and Gaahl are now focused on making music for the next album and with planning some very special shows for 2008. As previously announced, Gorgoroth will headline at Wacken Open.

Quelle: www.metalnews.de

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