Scorpions - New DVD!

18.10.2007 Erstellt von Wacken-Helge

Scorpions DVD: According to Blabbermouth, SCORPIONS' concert at Wacken Open Air in Wacken, Germany on August 3, 2006 will be released on DVD in November 2007. Entitled "Live At Wacken Open Air 2006: A Night To Remember - A Journey Through Time", the disc will include the German hard rock band's historic performance at the festival during which they were joined by former bandmates Uli Jon Roth, Michael Schenker and Herman Rarebell. The group's setlist for the show was as follows.

01. Coming Home
02. Bad Boys Running Wild
03. The Zoo
04. Loving You Sunday Morning
05. Make It Real
06. Picture Life (with Uli John Roth)
07. Speedy's Coming (with Uli John Roth)
08. Dark Lady (with Uli John Roth)
09. We'll Burn The Sky (with Uli John Roth)
10. Love 'em Or Leave 'Em
11. Don't Believe Her
12. Tease Me Please Me
13. Coast To Coast (with Michael Schenker)
14. Holiday (with Michael Schenker)
15. Lovedrive (with Michael Schenker)
16. Another Piece Of Meat (with Michael Schenker)
17. James Kottak's Drum Solo
18. Blackout (with Herman Rarebell)
19. No One Like You (with Herman Rarebell)
20. Matthias Jabs' Guitar Solo
21. Big City Nights
22. Can't Get Enough

Encore 1:

23. Still Loving You
24. In Trance (with Uli John Roth, Michael Schenker)
25. He's A Woman She's A Man (with Uli John Roth, Michael Schenker)
26. In Search Of The Peace Of Mind (with Uli John Roth, Michael Schenker and Tyson Schenker)

Encore 2:

27. Dynamite

Encore 3:

28. Rock You Like A Hurricane

Source: blabbermouth

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