Turbojugend Fan Camp auf dem W:O:A

15.06.2007 Erstellt von Wacken-Helge

Something is calling in the night. Forever bound to Turbonegro the

Turbojugend returns from the blizzard of flames to Wacken. Ready for

death punk mayhem the denim warriors of the world will gather at the

W:O:A. Used to sell their body to the night Turbojugend warriors from

allover the world will join the armies of the metal warriors to fight

(but not die) for metal!

Can this still be real or just some crazy dream...

... die Veranstalter des W:O:A rufen die Turbojugend nach Wacken.

Wendet Euch an: battle-axe@gmx.org,

um Euch für das Turbojugend Fan Camp anzumelden.


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