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Skew Siskin

Running Order

Stage: Headbangers Stage

Day: Mittwoch

Time: 13:45 - 14:45

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Skew Siskin is a band dripping with the raw attitude, drive, and power of originality. Grounded on the foundation of yesterday, and looking to tomorrow Skew Siskin is ready to take the world by storm. With their attitude that “this is who we are, this is what we do, and if you don’t like it, too bad” Skew Siskin has taken a stand, and have refused to sway for anybody. And this is exactly what Skew Siskin has done with their first five albums.

Musically, Skew Siskin is an experience like you have never come across in your life. There really is no point of reference to offer. So let’s set the stage like this. First off, the band is fronted by Nina C. Alice, whose voice is somewhat reminiscent of a modern Bon Scott. Silky smooth attitude. Nina’s voice is a one of a kind expression that perfectly compliments the music of the band.

And while Nina’s voice provides the vocal expression, Jim Voxx’s classically styled guitar riffs and leads provide the musical expression necessary to offer the counterpoint to the lyrics. It is obvious from listening to Jim’s sound that he grew up on the classic rock of the seventies, and it shows up in a smooth and bluesy, yet heavy style of play. Jim’s play has the quality of being seamless, like all the great guitarists of the past had. Not that this means that his play is retro and more fitting for an era gone past. Jim’s guitar work is the type of play that other guitarists would be wise to incorporate into their songs; before our music becomes more similar to random noises, than liquid emotion pouring off the strings and into the airwaves as part of a coherent song.

Of course, there has to be more to it than that to offer a complete experience. Without the rock solid rhythms of bassist Conner Rapp and drummer Mathias Brendel, the eye-catching talent of Nina’s vocals and Jim’s guitars would be incomplete. But this is a band that has been blessed with more than just merely adequate talent in this area, because both Conner and Mathias are phenomenal musician’s in their own right. And when the two of them come together with guitar and vocals, the synergy is incredible. Their textured rhythms really drive the bus for Skew Siskin. And without their churning power, the depth of Skew Siskin’s sound wouldn’t be anywhere near as thick.

Skew Siskin is one of the bands that has been able to fuse their talents into one common pool that they can reach the next plateau. The combination of these four musicians brings to light a sound so powerful, so overwhelming, that it is matched by only a few of the top acts out there today.


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