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Everything about your journey

All roads lead to Wacken - be it by bus, train, plane, car, motorcycle, bike or on foot. Yet not all roads are optimal, so we want to help you to have a relaxed journey with the following informations.

By car, caravan, motorcycle etc

Motor vehicles reach Wacken via the highways 7 and 23. The festival is signposted over a large area in Northern Germany. Please turn off your navigation devices as soon as you see the first of our signs!

Our signage will direct you to our team, which will guide you to your campsite. It is not possible to choose a campsite yourself! Groups should travel together and communicate the size of the groups to our staff - verbally and additionally by signs behind the windshields.

If the need should arrive, there might be queues put into action in order to ensure the most important traffic axes are traversable for the police, fire brigade and rescue services. We trust in your understanding.

Regulations for tractors

Private tractors have caused massive property damages at W:O:A, therefore their use is limited.

They can be used on Monday before the event in order to pull trailers on the grounds, but need to leave the area at noon.

On Sunday noon after the event they can be used to gather the trailers again.

Tractors that need to be parked near the festival can be left at the day parking in Gribbohm. This is an exception of the rule and does NOT apply to other vehicles.

Regulation for vehicles from 7,5 tons

Please note that vehicles weighing more than 3,5 tons are causing us considerable extra effort, especially with complicated ground conditions.

Vehicles from 7,5 tons are REQUIRED to be registered via e-mail. Campground T will be reserved for these vehicles.

The registration takes place via this form. It is only intended for vehicles from 7.5 tons and their escorts.

Registration for large groups

You are 50 or more people in your camp and yout can't arrive at Wacken at the same time? Our group reservations are the solution! Until Wednesday evening, we will reserve a place on area Q for you, so that you can arrive stress-free.

This service is free of charge for you. Click here to register.

Camper-Park, Moshtel & Co.

Our signage points visitors who have e.g. rented a plot in the Camper-Park or want to stay in the Wheels of Steel area to their destination - just follow the dedicated signs instead of the regular camping signs. Service providers like Camper-Park might also hand out special notes or stickers to be placed clearly visible in your vehicle.

Day parking and Kiss & Ride

Those of you who use a vehicle to travel to and from Wacken each day can use our designated day parking areas. These are not meant to park for the whole festival. Exception: tractors used to pull trailers onto and off the area.

Visitors can be dropped of and picked up in the designated Kiss & Ride zone in Gribbohm. You can stop here for a few minutes, e.g. in order to unload camping equipment. However, this is not a parking area - we reserve the possibility to tow abandoned vehicles from here. 

This is the only zone viable to drop persons of and pick them up.

With our official travel partners

You don't want to plan too much? No problem! Our official travel partners will take you to your destination safely and affordably! And of course a joint journey to the festival is more sustainable than an individual one with a private vehicle.

With some of our travel partners we have worked for over ten years and they offer added value at the festival, too: the World Metal Camp. In this area we work with them to provide you with the equipment for a glorious party.

You can find our official travel partners here.

With public transport

The most important junctures for your journey with public transports are Hamburg and Itzehoe. There are various shuttle services taking you from both cities straight to the entrance of Wacken Open Air.

Our bus terminal is located at the campgrounds reserved for visitors arriving without a vehicle. There's no need for extensive foot marches into the village and to the stages.

The official Itzehoe shuttle

Our official bus shuttle form Itzehoe to Wacken and back isn't only a viable option for campers, but also for communters. The bus is active round the clock from Itzehoe train station to the entrance of W:O:A and back and is bookable with a flatrate available for the whole time.

Exception: private coaches

You want to charter a coach for you to be dropped off at W:O:A? No problem! Just get in contact with businfo@wacken.com in order to receive the necessary documents.