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Wacken for first timers

Everything you need to know for your first visit!

You want to visit the W: O: A for the first time? Then you are in the right place! Use this page to check out the most important information about the festival, divided into the categories Tickets, Program, Travel, Camping and Security & Rules.

All further information can be found in our festival ABC, which is usually available between June and August.


Traditionally, there are only two types of tickets for Wacken Open Air:

  • The X-Mas-Ticket: It is limited to 10.000 tickets, costs 10 € less than the regular ticket and comes with a free T-shirt.
  • The regular 3-Days-All-In-Ticket: It is limited to 65.000 tickets.

There are no VIP tickets, group tickets, day tickets or stuff like this.

  During the festival, both ticket types offer the same scope of services:
  • Access to the campgrounds from Monday, July 29th 2019
  • Camping next to your car!
  • Use of all showers and toilets free of charge
  • Líve music from Wednesday, July 31st 2019, to Saturday, August 3rd 2019
  • Over 150 acts spread across eight stages
  • Comprehensive framework program with areas for topics such as the Middle Ages and End Times
  The Wacken Open Air 2019 is sold out!
If you have questions regarding your order, please get in touch with the team of Metaltix.com

Some of our travel partners can still have a stock of tickets despite the Sold Out. You can find the list of our travel partners here. When you buy tickets through one of our official partners, the ticket price will not change! We strongly advise against buying tickets from other sources.

 At the festival

After arrival at the site the ticket will get voided. At the wristband exchange you will receive your festival wristband, which will be checked instead of the ticket every time you enter the campsite or stage area.

 Lineup and Program

4 days of program, over 150 bands, 8 stages and we're just getting started: There is a ton of stuff to do and see at Wacken Open Air!

In addition to the regular concerts, there are always many special shows, theme evenings and a rich supporting program.

The timetable for the program, called Running Order, will be announced before the festival starts. It will be available here at Wacken.com, in our app and as printable PDF documents. Really handy if you want to pla your stay!


Wacken Open Air takes place in the area between the villages of Wacken, Gribbohm, Holstenniendorf and Bokelrehm, in the North of Germany. Detailed information on arrival can be found here.

 With car, motorhome, motorcycle etc.

Motor vehicles reach Wacken via the highways 7 and 23. The festival is signposted over a large area in Northern Germany. Please turn off your navigation devices as soon as you see the first of our signs! 

Our signage will direct you to our team, which will guide you to your campsite. It is not possible to choose a campsite yourself! Groups should travel together and communicate the size of the groups to our staff - verbally and additionally by signs behind the windshields.

 With public transportation

The most important junctions for public transport are Hamburg and Itzehoe. From both cities, there are various shuttle services that will take you directly to the entrance of Wacken Open Air.

 With our travel partners

You are going to join one of our official travel partners? Perfect, then you can sit back and relax! The travel partner transports you right up to the campsite of Wacken Open Air.


The camping is included in the ticket price at W:O:A, this also applies to camping in motor homes, caravans or similar vehicles. If the ground conditions allow it, we park all vehicles so that you can camp right next to them.

DThe campsite is equipped with showers and toilets, which are also fully paid for by the entrance fee. There are therefore no additional fees!

Further infrastructure includes signposts, light poles, breakfast tents, small supermarket tents and a few stalls for food and drinks.

Chargeable additional services

Various providers offer chargeable additional services at Wacken Open Air. 

  • Rental tents: Mein Zelt Steht Schon, Zeltheld and Camper-Park Wacken offer small and big tents for you to rent.
  • Cabins and rentable caravans: If you prefer your accomodation to be a little bit more sturdy, you should take a look at the service of Camperpark Wacken.
  • Plots with electrical connection : Camper-Park Wacken offers a limited amount of plots with electrical connection.
  • Moshtel: The container hotel "Moshtel" is located in direct vicinity of the stage area, you can book a stay here through Camper-Park Wacken.
  • Rental toilets: Due to the high demand, we raffle the option to rent one of our 200 "Metal Mobile WCs" for private use. Application is expected to start in June.. 

 Safety& Rules

Wacken Open Air is one of the safest and most peaceful major events in Europe - and to keep it that way, we need your help!

The close exchange between festival production, security companies, police, fire brigade, rescue service and the local authorities allows us to produce a safe event with a manageable set of rules.

The most important rules at a glance

  • The main rules are common sense and consideration for other visitors, artists and the crew.
  • Glass is prohibited everywhere due to the high risk of cuts
  • Visitors can take unlimited food and drinks to the campsite.
  • Barbecue and cooking is allowed on the camping grounds with coal, electricity and gas.
  • Open fires are forbidden, including fire baskets and the like!
  • Power generators are restricted - you are allowed to use them, but there are a few specific rules for them.
  • When using power generators, music systems and similar devices, make sure that the neighbors are not overly bothered.
  • All equipment and objects such as generators, refrigerators, gas bottles, grills and the like may only be used if they are in a technically perfect condition.
  • Weapons are prohibited throughout the entire area. Tools, dinner knives and the like only on the stage area.
  • Large bags and backpacks are prohibited within the stage area.

Detailed rules can be found in the Festival ABC, the General Terms and Conditions and the Park & Camping Regulations.