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Enjoy the W:O:A with a handicap

On this page we provide you with the most important information for Metalheads with Handicap. Inclusion is not an annoying duty for us, but a matter close to the heart of the team. Questions, suggestions and criticism are welcome at any time under handicap@wacken.com.

Ticket purchase and accompanying persons

To participate in the W:O:A you need a normal W:O:A ticket. There are no separate tickets for Metalheads with disabilities. However, it is possible to take an accompanying person with you who does not require a ticket of his or her own. For this we need an official or medical certificate. Please contact us at handicap@wacken.com to find out whether you are entitled to take an accompanying person with you. 

Accompanying persons

The Wacken Open Air takes place on a field. This field can get muddy as soon as it rains. Also in other places it can be necessary that you need help.  The accompanying person should therefore be strong enough to help you out. 

Accompanying service by Inklusion Muss Laut Sein

If you don't have an accompanying person who can visit the festival with you, then the network of Inklusion Muss Laut Sein offers you the possibility to find a "BUDDIE" as accompanying person for the duration of the festival. If you would like to use this service, please visit the website www.i-m-l-s.com.

Registration of aids and bags

We ask you to register your necessary aids and bags in advance at the email address handicap@wacken.com.

Please pay attention to the following rules when registering:

  • No wheelchairs, rollators, crutches or canes need to be registered. Insulin and adrenalin pens are also excluded from this regulation.

  • Tools such as push and pull equipment, hand bikes, battery-powered support systems and all other attachments, etc. must be registered and marked.

  • No self-made aids are permitted. (Example: petrol powered milling machine as a wheelchair pulling device)

  • Bags or backpacks that you need due to illness and need to take with you into the infield must be registered and marked in advance.

  • You can have the registered equipment and bags registered and marked at the ThiesMediCenter booth on Campground A in the Wheels of Steel Area. Afterwards you can move freely around the whole festival.

  • When you register, please tell us your full name and what purpose the items serve.
    Camping chairs etc. are not allowed in the infield.

The Wheels of Steel Area

Wheels of Steel is the name for our campground for metalheads with disabilities. The name has established itself over the years, but does not mean that the site is for wheelchair users only.

The campground

The campground is located at the Bokelrehmer Weg (Faster Harder Louder Lane) and provides an extra area for metalheads with disabilities. The access road from Bokelrehmer Weg to the tents and the sanitary stations is fixed with plates. Opposite the campground is the main entrance to the stages.

The campground is equipped with an increased number of handicapped accessible sanitary containers as well as handicapped accessible mobile toilets. There is also a medical supply store on site.

Rules and requirements

In general we are providing sufficient space for the Wheels of Steel Area. Please note the following:

  • A disability is necessary for camping on the campground. Please contact handicap@wacken.com to confirm your claims.
  • Each Metalhead with handicap may accompany a maximum of 4 friends at the Wheels of Steel Area.
  • Vehicles over 3.5 t are prohibited.
  • Be as space-saving as possible in your camps so that everyone can find space there

Sanitation facilities

In addition to the standard sanitary stations, Campground A also has barrier-free shower/WC containers. Handicapped-accessible mobile toilets will be set up for further relief. Further handicapped accessible toilets are located all over the site. These are marked on the site plan, which will be published shortly before the festival.

Stage platforms

In front of the stages there are platforms which allow a better view to the stages. These platforms are primarily reserved for wheelchair users, because otherwise the view is blocked by standing fans. Please understand that the security staff will not allow any accompanying persons on the platforms in case of a heavy rush. This will be decided according to the rush.