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Watch out, from here on it’s pure energy and musical passion! If you take the exuberant verve of the latest Unisonic album Light Of Dawn as an indicator of the current atmosphere within the band, there can be only one conclusion: unanimous euphoria rules the camp of this German-American-Swiss-Greek all-star act! With their 2012 debut, the group consisting of the two former Helloween members Michael Kiske (vocals) and Kai Hansen (guitars) and Pink Cream 69 founders Dennis Ward (bass) and Kosta Zafiriou (drums) plus Gotthard/Krokus/Asia guitarist Mandy Meyer have unleashed a storm of enthusiasm. Listening to their current material, this flame is about to turn into a wildfire. Light Of Dawn blends anthemnic vocals and heavy guitar riffs with powerful grooves – a hybrid of melodic metal and hard rock that could hardly be more homogeneous. In view of this impressive performance, it’s safe to say: if the eponymously titled first release was a tasty appetiser, its successor Light Of Dawn sees Unisonic serve a musical five-course meal.

So how is such an amazing performance possible? “Our first world tour has really welded us together,” Michael Kiske explains the group’s unmistakable evolvement. “The tour made us realise the importance of a congenial atmosphere for our creativity and how much I missed this team spirit over the past twenty years. Only musicians who feel really comfortable with each other can deliver their optimum performance.” Dennis Ward, a driving force within the band, one of its main composers and, as on Unisonic (2012), its producer, can only confirm the positive effects of the tour: “At the end of the day you have to tour to get immediate fan reactions to your material. In this respect, the shows were very interesting and extremely encouraging. There’s no doubt that they gave Unisonic enough energy to make working on Light Of Dawn child’s play for everybody involved.”

Every single song on Light Of Dawn exudes that lightness, be it haunting uptempo numbers such as ‘Your Time Has Come’, ‘For The Kingdom’ and ‘Throne Of The Dawn’, the regal melodies on ‘Exceptional’ and ‘Night Of The Long Knives’ or the cool, lascivious flair of ‘Not Gonna Take Anymore’ and ‘When The Deed Is Done’. Unisonic also prove their diversity and class on more quiet tracks like ‘Blood’ and ‘You And I’ and ‘Find Shelter’, which is based on ingenious rhythm changes.

Spring 2014 saw the Unisonic musicians produce twelve tracks (plus intro), all of them expertly performed with exceptional technical skill and crowned by Michael Kiske’s world-class vocals. The vocalist from Hamburg sounds as if he had to be brought down to earth again after the recording, that’s how intense and determined his vocals sound on Light Of Dawn. In addition, Kai Hansen and Mandy Meyer, the band’s virtuoso guitarists, come across even stronger than on Unisonic’s debut release. “If you work with such exceptionally brilliant musicians as Kai and Mandy, you have to challenge and support them in line with their qualities,” Dennis Ward explains. “That’s why we placed even greater emphasis on dynamic guitar performances than we had done on our debut. The solo parts in particular were arranged down to the last detail, often acting like little songs within a song.”

Unisonic were founded in autumn 2009, initially as a quartet (without Gamma Ray frontman Kai Hansen), the band making its first artistic mark in 2010 at the Masters Of Rock in the Czech Republic and at the Sweden Rock festival. When Kiske performed on stage again for the first time as a guest with Kai Hansen during Avantasia’s world tour, that old magic between the two former Helloween members was back, and they decided to turn Unisonic into to quintet. An EP saw the light of day in January 2012, and a few weeks later the self-titled debut album arrived at the stores, launching Unisonic’s tour of Europe, South America and Asia. The title of their new album Light Of Dawn sets the direction for things to come. Dennis Ward: “The name says it all: our new album is like a new day, we’re starting all over again with fresh energy!”

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