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Friday 3rd
01:20 AM
W.E.T. Stage


AWS is a five-piece band from the Hungarian capital Budapest, playing modern metal. The core members of AWS started out on their musical journey as teenagers in 2006. With twelve years of intense touring in Hungary and abroad, three LPs, numerous music videos and excellent feedback from both professionals and fans under their belt, they grew to be one of the most sought-after live bands of the Hungarian metal scene.

They have started writing lyrics in Hungarian early on as they think to be able to convey their thoughts much more eloquently this way. Their music is a tool for expressing a wide range of emotions ranging from extreme anger to exalted joy. They claim to be proud supporters of the anti-celebrity culture and do their utmost to bring good music, thoughts and real emotions back to the ears, hearts and minds of their audience. They won the Final of A Dal 2018 with sweeping support from the Hungarian metal community and they lighted up the Eurovision stage in Lisbon with their song Viszlát nyár (Summer Gone) in 2018. more



2011 Fata Morgana
2014 Égésföld
2016 Kint a vízből


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