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In 2008 starts CEMICAN forging, forming a musical Project where the main idea is to merge and fully integrate prehispanic instruments to metal gender to achieve the essene of mysticism, cult and ideology of the ancient cultures of mexico in the music created by CEMICAN.

Starts as Tlipoca project ( drums, prehispanic instruments ) and Tecuhtli ( vocals, guitar prehispanic instruments ) creating compositions which would be, his first album under the name of "OMETILIZTLI “ recorded entirely by Tlipoca and Tecuhtli. This work features 10 tracks that sees the light in 2009.

Now with"OMETILIZTLI” distros, rock shops, fanzines and internet network, Tlipoca and Tecuhtli undertake the search of members who would complete the band. Integrating Xaman-Ek on bass and prehispanic instruments, which has extensive knowledge in the Nahuatl language, also integrates Tliquiahuitl in prehispanic instruments with a master´s degree in interpretation and experienced in the genre of metal.

After three very agitated years and maintaining an active involvement within different festivals and presentations, being headliner scenarios along the Mexican Republic, the band manages to compose new material for what would be their second production and enter to the recording studio with a new lineup, including in the bass to tepeyolotl, musician who has experiencee in the metal scene with other bands, and Xaman-Ek 100% involved in the execution of prehispanic music and performance.

The second production of the band sees the light on December 2012 and it is called " TICATEH IPAN MIQUIXTLAHUAC “ ( we are in the valley of the dead ) with 10 tracks in which is reflected all worship and adoration that our ancestors. use to have to death and the dual concept of life, beginning this 2013 with the promotion and spreading our new material.

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2009 Ometiliztli
2012 Ticateh Ipan Miquixtlahuac


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