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Friday 3rd
05:15 PM
Wasteland Stage


Chuan-Tzu – handmade German metal with a Chinese name. The band was started in Frankfurt am Main in 2003 by brothers Thomas and Maximilian Vidovic, who were joined by lead singer Markus Krutzik shortly after. In 2008 the band released their highly acclaimed debut album Metachaos, a nearly 60-minute concept album combining thrash and progressive metal.

In 2016 Chuan-Tzu released their most recent album Delight In Disorder, which they also wrote and produced themselves. The album contains seven songs, including the opening track Hole, which really epitomises what the band still stands for some 15 years after their first appearance: Chuan-Tzu have never cared about trends within music, instead standing the test of time with old-school thrash metal and straight-forward hardcore.

“Groovy, thrashy, fresh. These Frankfurt boys make old-school thrash metal and hardcore their own […] and you can tell they really enjoy the chaos.” –

“Progressive doesn’t always mean complicated and confused – that’s how their songs are so accessible. Nobody’s obliged to go insane trying to work out complex structures or shifted parts […] This is an album made for open-minded metal heads and lovers of thrash.” –

“Lots of metal bands mash up difference influences. The difference with Chuan-Tzu is that it works!” –

“Chuan-Tzu mix modern thrash metal and hardcore with atmospheric moments and garnish it all with a touch of Tool.” – more



2016 Delight in Disorder

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