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Canadian singer, songwriter and producer, Lee Aaron is legendary for her unique brand of melodic hard rock and as a trail blazer in the women's rock movement of the 1980s. One of the world's most invincible voices and fearless re-inventors, she has performed everything from hard rock to jazz and is a multi-platinum seller.

Aaron first garnered acclaim with her sophomore release "Metal Queen", an anthem of feminist empowerment that won her iconic status with legions of rock fans around the world. Her follow up album Call Of The Wild - produced by Bob Ezrin (Pink Floyd, Alice Cooper) - brought her to Europe on an opening tour for Bon Jovi and sold over 100,000 copies in Europe in the first 6 weeks. She returned 5 months later to headline those very same venues. The ballad "Barely Holdin' On" hit home the fact that she was a world class vocalist, not only on record but live as well. The late '80s and '90s saw the critical and commercial success of 1989's Bodyrock and 1991’s Some Girls Do with multi-platinum sales and chart-toppers like “Whatcha Do To My Body” and “Hands On.”

Chart Magazine proclaimed Bodyrock (1989) "one of the 20 most influential Canadian albums of the '80s," with Avril Lavigne, Alanis Morrisette and Shania Twain all “under Aaron’s influence.” MuchMusic’s Listed has consistently rated her in the Top Female Rockers Of All Time.

Lee Aaron returns to the rock stage (after a decade long hiatus to raise her children) with her 12th studio album, Fire And Gasoline, a fiery return to her rock roots. Showcasing 11 new original songs, it embodies the same powerful writing and vocal delivery that have always been at the heart of her music. Videos for "Tom Boy", "Fire and Gasoline" and "Bad Boyfriend" are racking up thousands of views on YouTube and her live show leaves no doubt that she is back with a passion and still on top of her game. Fire And Gasoline 2017 - Lee Aaron on Tour!

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1982 The Lee Aaron Project
1984 Metal Queen
1984 Lee Aaron
1985 Call Of The Wild
1987 Lee Aaron
1989 Body Rock
1991 Some Girls Do
1992 Powerline - The Best Of Lee Aaron
1994 Emotional Rain
1996 2Preciious
2000 Slick Chick
2004 Beautiful Things
2016 Fire And Gasoline

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