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Thursday 2nd
02:45 PM
Wasteland Stage


Almost a decade ago Pikes Edge was a quartet with an unrestrained power and endurance often unmatched by their peers. Clean heavy metal is hard to find within their scene, but they were bringing forth a dynamic sound that showcased their promise come 2012 when they dropped their debut, Nameless. Heavy Hardes called it a “remarkable debut” while Crossfire-Metal noted it was “A truly honest rock album. Very fresh and contemporary.”

While their debut was well received, the band always wanted to evolve. A year later they restructured with a new lead guitarist. Now five men strong, Pikes Edge was ready to rock it out even more so than before. With five heads now instead of four, Pikes Edge was feeling a creative wave like never before. By 2016 their sophomore album, All Of Our Beauty, was out.

All Of Our Beauty was produced by U.D.O. bass player Fitty Wienhold. Leading man Pike spoke with Headbangers Lifestyle about what Weinhold brought to the record, “It was mainly his very deep experience in the music world which we were confronted with during the production of the album,” adding, “He was demanding, he was pushing and he was motivating us to show our very best. We learned a lot from him and discovered new parts of ourselves. Fortunately we also had a whole lot of fun. Due to this mixture of hard work and exhilaration, our time together will stay unforgettable.”

Unforgettable is right as Pikes Edge comes out of the gate each and every time they drop an album with fire. They present metal music with substance. Like "Denial of Service," a song that relays the importance of being against the ugly that plagues society; racism, terrorism, all around hate. It goes hand in hand with their political driven "Hypocrisy."

With an eye opening view on the world presented through clean metal, Pikes Edge has been able to take the stage in almost a dozen countries. They plan on adding to that with the release of their third album, set to release by the end of 2018.

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2012 Nameless
2016 All of Our Beauty

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