The Bloodstrings

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Saturday 4th
05:15 PM
Wasteland Stage


Between madness and tradition, there is a young band from Aachen, Germany, storming the stages since 2009. Celinas at times lovely, at times spooky voice, the raging play of drums and upright bass and a guitar which sometimes likes play aside all norms, are the ingredients for the new generation of “Female Fronted Punk-A-Billy”!

Opening for bands like The Creepshow, Kitty In A Casket, Mad Sin, Demented Are Go, Rezurex, Hancox, Graveyard Johnnys, Cenobites and many more The Bloodstrings not only fit to a psychobilly crowd, but particulary stay true to their punkrock roots. The songs are heavy but melodic, fast but precise, pure, punchy and including a slight touch of Tiger Army.

Recently The Bloodstrings toured with their current album “Coal-black Heart”, whichs vinyl-version they distribute themselves whereas it is distributed online on spotify, itunes and deezer thorugh the British label Undead Artists. The played Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Luxembourg, England and Scotland and did support shows, festivals and also headline-shows. Another record is in the making! more



2014 Coal Black Heart
2017 Born Sick

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