Cashless Payment at W:O:A 2018

This year, cashless payment will be introduced as a second method of payment on nearly all areas of W:O:A (in co-operation with our partner simply-X). Only the shops and stalls in the village, as well as some on the camping areas, are not part of the system.

Since not every visitor has previous experiences with this service, we will explain how to transfer credit and how the payments will work on this info page.

Important: Your W:O:A 2018 Ticket (W:O:A Card) is also your card for the cashless payment card! Cards from former years can't be used!

We want to emphasize, that you will be able to pay in cash everywhere, too.

From now on, you will be able to transfer credit in advance via the web domain If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact

Below we take you through the process of preparing and using cashless payment – step by step. We will start with setting up your account and end with the repayment after the festival.

Step 1: Setting up your account

  • Create an account at the homepage of our partner simply-X with your 16 digits long W:O:A Card number, an e-mail address, a unique username, a telephone number and a password. After the registration you will receive an e-mail with a confirmation link.
  • In order to complete your registration, you will be asked to enter further information, after you clicked on the confirmation link.
  • Please do not forget to record your bank account data at the "profile" tab. This is necessary to engage the automatic refund of remaining credits. This will automatically happen directly after the festival.
  • You can also choose to donate the remaining credits automatically to one of the charitable foundations or associations we are working with.
  • Once you've done this, your account is ready and you can begin to manage your credit.

Step 2: Transferring credit

  • First choose the amount of money you want to transfer to your cashless payment card.
  • Next you will be asked to choose your method of payment. The options are: Paydirekt or Credit card (MasterCard, VISA).
  • Once you have selected a method, you will be forwarded to the respective secure server where you can enter your credentials. After this you can complete the transfer.

Infos zu paydirekt – Dem Online-bezahlverfahren der deutschen Banken und Sparkassen:

Als Kunde einer deutschen Bank oder Sparkasse könnt ihr eure W:O:A Card
kostenlos mittels paydirekt aufladen! Das funktioniert vorab, als auch
während des Festivals ganz einfach.

Und so funktioniert es:

  • Online oder über W:O:A App am Cashless Webportal anmelden.
  • Gewünschten Betrag eingeben.
  • paydirekt als Zahlungsart wählen.
  • Kostenlos anmelden und Aufladung bestätigen.

Step 3: Managing your credit

  • If you want to check your balance and your transactions, you can do so online under "Account view".

Step 4: Paying cashless at the festival

  • Before using it for the first time, your card must be activated and synchronized via one of the NFC pillars on the site. Just hold the card against one of the pillars.
  • Once you've activated your card, you are free to pay cashless on the festival.
  • You've found the beverage, food or piece of merchandise you want to buy? Simply wait for the personnel to ask you to hold your card in front of the register's display.
  • The displayed amount will be charged off your credit. Of course you can see the remaining balance on the display of the till.
  • Should you have spent all your credit you can recharge the card either online (see Step 2) or on-site at one of the terminals. The procedure will be the same as above. Cash can not be used here to charge a card. In case you charge online you have to activate the balance via on of the NFC-pillars which can be found at the cashless points too.

Step 5: Refunding of remaining credits at the end of the festival

  • If you have linked your card with your account (see Step 3), all remaining credit will be refunded automatically (with the exception of amounts below € 1). You do not have to do anything. We expect to have refunded as of Friday, August 10th 2018.
  • You can also choose to donate the remaining credits automatically to one of the charitable foundations or associations we are working with.
  • You can keep your card as a souvenir. The cards will not be usable for future editions of W:O:A.

If you loose your card:

  • Generally, we recommend that you handle your card as carefully as cash. Take care!
  • In case of loss or theft of the card, you can be block it online via your account manager or you MUST contact the staff on site to block it.
  • After we blocked your old card, you can get a new card at our service desks.
  • For security reasons, the balance of the old card will be returned to the bank account you specified, only after the end of the festival.

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