Battery-Charging-Station for your mobile phones | W:O:A - Wacken Open Air
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Created by WackenHelge

Battery-Charging-Station for your mobile phones

You have two opportunities to charge your mobile phone during the Wacken Open Air. The first is the Electric Hotel, where you can deliver your mobile phone without any kind of charging cable. You find the Electric Hotel at the Wacken Plaza. For this service you have to pay 2€. 50 Cent of it is a donation for the Wacken Foundation. If you prefer to invest the 2€ in a cold beer, you have the possibility to produce your own electricity on one of the bikes. The inventors of the Electric Hotel have the intention to increase your awareness of our resources. Just according to METAL4NATURE.

The second opportunity is the Wacken Info Office, which is in the mainstreet of Wacken. In the office you need to deliver it together with your charging cable. In the office you neither need to pay money nor have to pedal by yourself.



W:O:A team