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Beats for Life - Music contest regarding Aids resolution

Despite the increasing rate of Aids infections, it is a topic that is often blocked. During the last year nearly 3.000 people have been newly infected with HIV in Germany. We are thinking it is time to let the “Beats for Life” speak and call for a creative producing. “Beats for Life” is a big HIV prevention campaign which should awake young people and remind them that Aids must not be forgotten. The two partners ViiV Healthcare and Netzwerk Plus want to raise awareness to approach HIV prejudice and to help stop the spread of HIV.


In collaboration with the organization “Vergessen ist Ansteckend”, the campaign “Beats for Life” started exactly on December 1st the Worlds AIDS Young artists and musicians have the opportunity to create songs or performances on the topic HIV/Aids to enter the competition. The winner gets the Konrad-Lutz-Award, which is endowed with 3.000 Euros. The second will get 2.000 Euros, the third 1.000 Euros. Entry deadline is the 15th of July 2011. More information: We will keep our fingers crossed for you.


Don’t be square – act aware !


Friends from Beats for Life:


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