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Created by Wacken-Helge

Become W:O:A ambassador 2009

WACKEN:OPEN:AIR needs your help. We are looking for Metalheadz in europe who want to work as W:O:A ambassador at their hometown and surroundings. You should spread flyers and posters for W:O:A 2009, Wacken Rocks and our tours. Of course this should not be work for nothing. As „Thank you“ for your assignement you´ll get a official W:O:A merchandise package for the amount of 90,-€. If you are elected as ambassador you can, after W:O:A 2009, choose items from our official W:O:A merchandise for this amount.


How you can apply? It´s easy. Just write an email to which says why you are the right one to do this job, where you are from (country and city; please also mention the next bigger one) and in which clubs, bars etc. you will be able to regularily spread our flyers and posters. Also important: to which concerts and festivals are you going to go in the next months.


What we expect from you? As an official W:O:A ambassador you should have fun in spreading our promotion material and you should enjoy getting in contact with other people.

Furthermore we need a review of what you have done every 1-2 months (also fotos would be great). If you have been at concerts or festivals we´d like to have a review recently after the festival. Those will be released through our different homepages and the most funny or interesting reviews will be rewarded (shirts, cd´s, etc.)

Furthermore there will sometimes be some tours where we are able to get guestlist tickets for our ambassadors to make promotion at the venues. Therefore you can apply when we sent the dates via a newsletter.


Deadline for application is the 20th of december 2008. Please don´t forget toyou’re your phone number and postal adress.


In january the elected ambassadors will get an email.


Please understand that we can only send acceptances and no denials.





W:O:A Team