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Created by WackenHelge

BLACKMORE'S NIGHT "A Knight In York" - Fan-Package

Blackmore's Night - no other band manages to combine beauty, spirit and soul into their music so perfectly and unique. The limited collector's edition D2C "Blackmore's Night - A Knight In York" includes these three elements in a very exceptional form.


For the soul the lavishly designed box contains an amazing recording of the concert in York, England, 30 September 2011 as CD, DVD and Bluray. The excellent sound and picture quality of the live document makes it possible to transfer the magic of this evening from the venerable Grand Opera House into your living room to experience it again and again. The relaxed and emotionally charged lightness of the song compilation makes this CD become the perfect soundtrack for those who want to transgress time and space, to escape the pressure of this technological cyber world.


To accentuate the beauty a very special piece of jewelry is located in this exclusive package. A high-quality silver pearl with the band's initials, which is surrounded by a braided leather bracelet. This jewelry is not cheap mass production, but a specially designed and handmade work of art.


For the spirit, the book "The Next Stage - Adventures From The Road" by Doc Calvinson can be found in this special edition. The author, a longtime roadie in the music business, tells amusing and touching anecdotes that he has experienced in his work for Ritchie Blackmore and his bands in an entertaining way. Although the names of the characters and bands have been changed, it soon becomes clear who the described persons and groups are while reading the book.


This special D2C-box is strictly limited – you better grab your copy fast!


Mark your calenders because next week we have more information and details about how you can Pre Order your own limited edition Blackmore's Night fan package.