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Bloodwork – Video premiere on WackenTube

Today we´ll give you new feed for eyes and ears!

German metal newcomers Bloodwork will present their new music clip “Storm of Souls” as exclusive video premiere on WackenTube!


"Ultima Ratio, the title of the second Bloodwork album, runs like a common thread through all songs of the album. Also Storm Of Souls, the song of the video, appeals on the last measures being taken when all sanity fails. Pictured here by the worked off scene of a burning witch as last measure of social order through the church as well as public spectacle for the masses. With digital techniques the video transcends the topic of the song back into the borders of the cover artwork – a post apocalyptic horror vision with sinister morphed buildings and creatures.


But now we will put you out of your misery and present “Storm of Souls”:

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For everyone who wants to see the guys live on stage we have a couple of dates inside of Germany:

29.07.2011 - CD RELEASE PARTY - Kulturwerkstatt, Paderborn

28.10.2011 - PISS DRUNK REVIVAL SHOW - CD Kaserne, Celle

03.12.2011 - Heavy X-Mas - Kulturwerkstatt, Paderborn



All necessary information about the band as well as news and blogs can be found under the following links:!/Bloodworkmetal