BULLHEAD CITY WRESTLING @ W:O:A 2009 | W:O:A - Wacken Open Air
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Created by Wacken-Kai


Dear Metalheads,


This year it’s about to happen, there will be live-wrestling at the Bullhead City Circus Tent at Wacken Open Air 2009!!!

Martin “The Crusher” Ruder, for years now well known as a commentator and speaking tube for the international wrestling-scene, will present the gladiators for the first time under the name of “Bullhead City Wrestling” in co-operation with the Wacken Open Air:

“Heavy Metal and Wrestling – it fits perfect. Everybody who likes to drink a bear, who likes action-entertainment and who is a Metalhead will feel good. You can expect a sensational show with well-known stars and hungry newcommers, who will fight for victory in hard fights.”

Ulf Hermann (125 kg, Germany) announces to settle an open account with the arrogant Austrian Viktor Krüger (135 kg) at Wacken. But it seems that Viktor Krüger isn’t afraid of that announcement and counters: “I will finally show Ulf Hermann, the long-hairy metalhead, why I’m feared worldwide in wrestling and other Martial-Arts!”.

Robbie Brookside (100 kg, UK) wants to be “the roll-model for all boys and the wildest dream for the girls at the W:O:A” with its dominantly occurrence und traditional fighting-style!.

With his 25 years the 251 pounds-heavy Bad Bones counts to the shooting stars in european wrestling and he only wants one thing: “To establish my name at Bullhead City Wrestling and this will only be possible through the success against younger or older enemies – I will defeat them all!”

Further wrestlers will appear at this event.

“On the musical way you can expect cool sounds and some HOT surprises! On top of that there will be Live music from Sir Jay’s Band, the Simpletones AD before and after the show.

So don’t miss it and be sure you will be there. It’s a thing people will talk about for a long time!”, said the Crusher.


Wednesday, 29. July

1. Event at 07:00 pm

2. Event at 09:00 pm


Thursday, 30. July

1. Event at 04:00 pm

2. Event at 07:00 pm


Friday, 31. July

1. Final Event 06:00 pm


More informations about the wrestling events will be appear shortly!



W:O:A Team