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Created by Wacken-Martin

Bus Tours - very important !!

Dear friends from abroad. We hope that the information on this page can help you to get to Wacken safe and sure. The Wacken Open Air is not responsible for any bus travels that are not mentioned here.


These are people we know and trust that everything will be done professionally. Because off some complications in the past please note that the tickets must be ordered at the latest on 07.07.03. After this date the danger exists that the festival is sold out again and there are no more tickets in Wacken.


The payment must be at our account by 15.07.03. As usual you can choose which way you want the tickets sent. By normal post or by UPS which is more expensive but quicker.


The Wacken Office is at festival site from 20.07.03 so please try to sort things out before.


Thanx, Sheree