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Doro - Triumph in China

Duesseldorf (November 19, 2008) - „Germany and China – Together in motion“ was the official motto of the cultural event, to which Doro Pesch from Duesseldorf was flown in as a cultural ambassador by the Goethe Institute and the German embassy in Peking.

For the realisation of this motto there was no need for a decree from above. As the German rock lady entered the stage at the events in Guangzhou and Peking, 30.000 Chinese went crazy. “This was absolutely amazing”, said the woman from Duesseldorf after her return to the German capital.

Doro continues: “The fans were totally excited and alerted right from the beginning until the end. I´ve never expected such an enthusiasm, especially as these were my very first concerts in China.”

Now the German fans don´t have to wait very long to see their rock icon. On December 13, Doro celebrates her 25th stage anniversary at the ISS Dome in Duesseldorf. She is going to enchant up to 12.500 people there.

Tickets for this big rock show are available for the price of 48,40 Euro (incl. pre-sale fee) at every established pre-sale shop or in the internet (for example at Eventim or Metaltix).


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