"Face in the Wind, we´re riding the storm..." RUNNING WILD at the W:O:A 2009 | W:O:A - Wacken Open Air
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Created by Wacken-Helge

"Face in the Wind, we´re riding the storm..." RUNNING WILD at the W:O:A 2009

Dear Metalheads,


This is a perfect sensation!!!


According to our 20th jubily, together with the Ballroom Hamburg we present you the german metal legend




doing its


!Farewell Show - Last Show forever!


Running Wild are taking off to their last megashow at the world's greatest metal stage fitting the 30th jubily of the band.


Rock'n'Rolf says goodbye for good with a grandiose farewell show on the "Night to Remember" on Thursday, July 30th.


O-Ton Rock´n´Rolf:

"To all the loyal Running Wild fans:

Now, after more then 30 years Running Wild I feel that it's time to strike the sails and to leave for new challanges.


That is why we want to cease our 30 year old history in dignity, this year at the Wacken Open Air on Thursday, July 30th on the occasion of its 20th jubily, doing a two-hour Headliner - Best of Show, a feast with many surprises.


to top this off we are going to do a Live DVD and CD of the show.


Calmnessly und proudfully I'm looking back to the last 30 years and to what we reached in that time.

But all that never could have been achieved without your long lasting support.

So: thank you very much for all the great moments of this career, wishing all the best for your future!

Your Rock´n´Rolf"


In the run-up to that farewell-show specials are arranged already:

For e.g. the WOA Warm Up - Running Wild Party on Mai 31th in Ballroom, Hamburg.

The culmination here will be the starting Running Wild Tatoo Contest.

Show everybody your own Running Wild Tatoos.


A filming crew will document your and your creation at the location for the Live DVD.

If you cannot be there that day, just take a photo of your tatoo and send it to:


The final elimination will be directly at W:O:A – the winner will be taken to the stage during the RW-Show!

Best tatoos will be additionally showed on the DVD!

Exclusive Fan Song Voting on: www.running-wild.net und www.wacken.com

Vote for your exclusive setlist for the show!


You and Running Wild:

Send your fotos of the last 30 years with Wunning Wild (concerts, after-shows, meet and greets, personal fotos etc.)

to: otti@ballroom-hamburg.com.


Death or Glory…



W:O:A Team