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FEINSTEIN & THE RODS + surprise guest in Wacken!!!!

FEINSTEIN to appear as special guest at Wacken metal festival in Germany; David "Rock" Feinstein will also re-unite his former band, The Rods


FEINSTEIN, whose first album "Third Wish" has received stellar reviews since being released in Europe last month, will perform as special guest star at the Wacken Open Air Festival on Aug. 6. FEINSTEIN is the brainchild of noted metal guitarist David 'Rock' Feinstein, who first gained fame as the lead guitarist of Elf -- the band formed by his cousin, Ronnie James Dio. "Eleven musical masterpieces that will not disappoint anyone," wrote Peter Engelking about FEINSTEINS's "Third Wish" in the May edition of Metal Music magazine. "... listing the best tunes is pointless because there is not a single disappointment on the entire album."


FEINSTEIN is fronted by Royal Hunt singer John West. The band is signed to by Magic Circle Music and distributed world wide by SPV Germany. Also at Wacken will be a one-time reunion of the seminal metal band of the 1980s, The Rods. Rock Feinstein will perform with Gary Bordonaro on bass, and Carl Canedy on drums -- the same trio that recorded the band's best-known records, "Wild Dogs" in 1981 and their self-titled debut album the year before.


A "special guest," as of yet unannounced, will join Feinstein at Wacken.


LINE UP David 'Rock' Feinstein (vocals / guitar), Gary Bordonaro (bass), Carl Canedy (drums)


One of the leading American Metal bands to make a distinct impression in Europe in the early 80s. THE RODS were a hard hitting trio led by guitarist David 'Rock' Feinstein, a cousin of Ronnie James Dio. Feinstein had played with his famous relative and recorded with him in RONNIE DIO AND THE PROPHETS as well as the pre RAINBOW outfit ELF in the early 70s.


Feinstein had become interested in music at a very early age, taking up the trumpet at 7 years of age and then the drums. By 18 he was in a band called THE CINDELLS playing a mixture of folk and covers from the likes of CREAM, the ROLLING STONES and the BEATLES, releasing a couple of singles along the way.


The band split in 1967 and he was asked by Ronnie Dio if Feinstein fancied the job of replacing the guitarist in RONNIE DIO AND THE PROPHETS. Feinstein barely played the guitar at the time, but soon learnt, and joined the group, who progressed to becoming the ELECTRIC ELVES, the ELVES and, ultimately, ELF with whom he stayed until they were effectively taken over by Ritchie Blackmore upon his original departure from DEEP PURPLE in the mid 70s.


With 'Rock' now wrestling with his conscience and proclaiming that he wished 'to recover from the sixties' the man retreated into the wilderness- literally. In 1972 he began work for the wildlife conservation department in upstate New York and soon after sold all his posessions to buy a plot of land deep in the forest building his own log cabin which deliberatly lacked such amenities as electricity or running water...

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