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FREI.WILD – Confirmed as last Act for this year´s Wacken Open Air

South Tirol´s most successful “Deutsch-Rock” band Frei.Wild has been confirmed as last official act for this year´s Wacken Open Air. Thereby the last mysterious “tba” slot at the festival running order has been disappeared.

FREI.WILD will take over a headliner position on the Blackstage, one of the two big main stages. Fitting to their 10th anniversary the band will arrange a memorable gig at this year´s Wacken Open Air.


Just a few weeks ago, on occasion to their 10th Anniversary the band managed to place a unique coup with the re-release of their chart entry #2 success record: The album again climbed the top of the charts by hitting place 4 of the Media Control Charts and entered two top-5 chart entries within 6 months. Meanwhile the band seeks to crack a download record:


As some kind of “Thank You” as well as extraordinary give away the band grants their audience something really special. FREI.WILD sheds a complete download single for free!

This includes 2 brand new songs in good old sound manner called “Engel Der Verdammten” and “Nur Arschlöcher Um Mich Herum”.


The whole campaign will only start if the following conditions are solved: To get the 2 new songs the Frei.Wild fans have to catapult the video “Weil Du Mich Verarscht Hast” into the elite class of YouTube videos and that means the video has to be watched more than 1 Million times. Only after this you can get the 2 new songs for free.


A quest that has to be solved within only six weeks. Only six weeks time to place one million clicks.

A mission that can only be accomplished through real rock n´ roll feeling. The fan base has given proof for more than a single time that they are able to do this:

Sold out tours, growing concert halls, amazing record sales and last but not least the awesome support of their fan base marks the unique success-story of the band from South Tirol.


Deadline of this campaign is the middle of August which means a few days after their show at Wacken and can be supported here:


Apropos starting: On October the 21st the long awaited DVD will be released. More information coming soon…


FREI.WILD on tour:


27.12. Frankfurt, Ballsporthalle

28.12. Stuttgart, Schleyerhalle

29.12. Dresden, Messe

30.12. Hamburg, Sporthalle


Further info at Billing/Bands