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Created by WackenHelge

Full Metal Cruise - Der Cruise-Bag

Ahoi Metalheads!


Here‘s a little piece of information for all our guests: The right equipment is crucial when sailing the seven seas. Since the Full Metal Cruise even has seven days of music and party on top of that, we want to support you with your gear. That‘s why every „Cruisader“ will be presented with a Cruise Bag full of helpful things and souvenirs.


These are the contents:


Patch with the Full Metal Cruise 2013 logo

Ear plugs in case you happen to be around loud metal - or your buddy is snoring like a Kreator drum solo

Condom for safety when cruising

Rain poncho, because a proper seadog keeps on rocking - come rain or shine!

Sea sickness bag, just in case, as seen even with the hardest sailors

Cruise Card & Lanyard, like only „Cruisaders“ have them

Postcard and Ballpen to tell all the landlubbers at home what they missed

More gimmicks like CDs


See you on board. Over and out.


Alle weiteren Infos und Buchungen unter www.full-metal-cruise.com