FULL:METAL:BAG 2012 | W:O:A - Wacken Open Air
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Created by WackenHelge


Also in 2012 you will get the FULL:META:BAG (FOR FREE!!!)after changing your ticket into a wristband at the wristband exchange.


Included in the FMB 2012 you will find everything needed by the W:O:A visitor of today. Let´s begin with (festival) survival necessary items like ear plugs or the popular poncho to special W:O:A gimmicks like the new fan banner. There is a lot of cool stuff that no DIE HARD fan should miss! A “all-around problem-free package"for Wacken fans if you want to call it like that!


Here is a list of all items in the FMB:

1. Postcard - Collectible Standard Item / can be send directly from the festival ground.

2. Patch - Collectible Standard Item / patch with current WOA Logo.

3. Sticker - Collectible Standard Item / sticker with current WOA Logo.

4. History Pass Laminate - Collectible Standard Item / laminated pass with 2012 poster layout for the history lanyard including all passes from 1990 until today.

5. Magnet - NEW Collectible Standard Item / Magnet with W:O:A 2012 layout (can be used on freezers for example)

6. Fan Banner - Exclusive 2012 Item / Banner with W:O:A 2012 logo (size: 12 x 25 cm / BxH), for use in cars or at home.

7. Rain Poncho - Standard Festival Item / rain protection

8. Ear Plugs - Standard Festival Item / ear protection

9. Condom - Standard Festival Item / Safer Sex

10. Ball Pen - Standard Festival Item

11. FMB Backpack - Standard Festival Item / Includes the FMB Items and can be used as packpack during the festival.