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Created by WackenHelge

Group reservations sign-in started

As mentioned before we will provide the group reservations again in this year but in a limited scale.

All groups which took part in the reservation in the last year got new login data via mail. New groups can’t sign up at the moment!


The groups have time until the 20th of May 2012, to fill out the form or to edit the values. No additional changes of parameters like persons, cars or tents are possible afterwards, so they have to be already correct at this date. We will check randomly chosen camps on site for this! After this time window, we will calculate the needed place. If too much space would be needed, we sadly have to cancel the sign-up of some camps, so we have to draw them by lots. So a sign-in at the form isn’t meaning a save reserved ground! On the other hand, we will open the sign up for new groups if we have space left after the time windows expired. We will keep you informed about this of-course!


All information regarding the group reservations can be found summarized here: