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Created by Wacken-Helge

Hardy Metal Download Portal

Hello Metalheadz,


It seams as summer has completely forgotten about us this year. A look to the sky let us fear the worst concerning the weather and it probably won’t change during the next days. But it looks much better at the internet for us Metalheads. The new download portal Hardy Metal is still red-hot. Why not having a look at it?


FOREVER SLAVE’s debut album is almost raring to go and the DOOMFOXX single as well as the Australians debut album are partly on their way, too.


In the context of the legendary Wacken Open Air the festivals organizers ICS Festival Service GmbH in co-operation with Armageddon Music GmbH and finetunes shop solutions have opened a music download portal for Metal fans only under www.hardymetal.com. At the start there have been represented many of the most important labels and artists from this genre already.


This portal is made from fans for fans!


Also bands without any record deal are allowed to co-operate with www.hardymetal.com & finetunes to sell their products online.


For more information, check out: www.hardymetal.com. Any questions can be sent to Sabina at sabina@hardymetal.com.




Wacken Team