Here we go again! W:O:A Metal Masters energized by Relentless Energy Drink - your chance to win a live slot at W:O:A 2012 | W:O:A - Wacken Open Air
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Created by WackenHelge

Here we go again! W:O:A Metal Masters energized by Relentless Energy Drink - your chance to win a live slot at W:O:A 2012

What exactly is W:O:A Metal Masters and how does this work?

Metal Masters is a online voting for videos which takes place the third time this year. Here you can present your best video to the masses of metal fans and get it rated. But that's not all: the band with the best-rated video at the 21st of May 2012 will gain a live slot at the W:O:A 2012.


How to partake:

First, you have to register at and upload your video in the category Metal Masters.



Now drum up your business and make the metalheads vote for you!


What bands can take part?

Basically, every band can take part. Every band member has to have finished the 16th year of life. Also bands which have already a record deal or took part in the W:O:A Metal Battle (but didn't win) can partake.


How long lasts the voting?

The first online voting starts on March, 5th and ends on April, 29th 2012

The 3 leading bands will proceed into the final voting.

It will start on the 1st of May and ends on the 21st of may 2012.


How can I promote my band the best way?

We offer you a 'Vote for us' banner. The source code can be found below your uploaded video. You and your fans can copy this code and embed it on any websites. Via click on this banner one can watch your video and vote for you.


Here are some important informations you should be mindful of:

1. Every band is allowed to upload only one video.

2. Only the band can upload their video because it's the band which can possibly win the live slot at the W:O:A 2012.

3. If you create the account at we need to have your contact data so we can contact you if you won.


4. W:O:A will not incur any expenses like travel costs or accommodation expenses.

5. The price is a live slot for your band at W:O:A (backline - drums, bass amp, Guitar amp and so on. Will be provided) and with it the associated free visit of the festival for your band.

6. If there is a standoff for the first place at the end of the online voting the most-rated of these band will win.

7. The winner of the year before is excluded from the competition and is only allowed to participate again from the next year on.

8. Legal action is out of the question!


We are already looking forward to watching your videos !


In Metal We Trust!!!


The competition can be found on