It’s amazing! Wacken is sold out the sixth time in a row! | W:O:A - Wacken Open Air
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Created by WackenHelge

It’s amazing! Wacken is sold out the sixth time in a row!

And again it says SOLD OUT! It is already the sixth time in a row that the W:O:A is sold out!

This time again we tried hard to cap it all off and to even up the billing of the last year again! Together with you we will convert the 22. Year Wacken Open Air into a mega party!


Therefore the Festival can come now! The preparation is in the crucial phase and the still outstanding tickets are sent to you during the next weeks!


Important!!!: Tickets you ordered hitherto at Metaltix and for which you already got your order acceptance will be certainly delivered!


For all of you who still don’t have ensured themselves a ticket so far there is following alternative:


At our official tour operator there are respectively remaining contingents.

If you are interested in a ticket please contact the particular contact persons in our bustours worldwide section.

Hotel and Ticket - Metal Travel !


Furthermore there is our ticket exchange, as in the years before, again, which you should also use to possibly still snatch one of the last tickets from e.g. temporally tied up people.

On top of that the ticket exchange guarantees you following securities:

1) Purchase/ sale is executed without our intervention (we only supervise the price of sale, which should not beat the original ticket price!!!)

2) After agreement the seller sends the tickets to us and we prove the originality of the tickets.

3) By the time the check is finished on our part the buyer is informed that the transaction of the money is ready to carried out plus postal charges (2 x 4,40)

4) After receipt of payment we are informed by the seller and forward the ticket (s) to the buyer via registered letter with reply advice.


Advantages of the model:

- No rip-off concerning the ticket price

- guarantee of original tickets

At this point last important information for original tickets!!!


Unfortunately we have to notice, that our tickets are resold on the internet at raised prices. Those retailers gain tickets at the official price and sell the tickets against prepayment at a raised price, although the commercial trade with our tickets is forbidden.

Nevertheless it is often difficult to proceed against resellers, if they (officially) have their place of business overseas and the origin of the ticket is open. Some Fans have told us, that in the end they have waited for their tickets in vain.

Therefore: Please don’t risk disappointment and buy the W:O:A tickets only on


Fans and loyalty are the heart of the festival!


Blasting the North in August! See you in Wacken - Rain or Shine!


We thank you all again for your amazing support and your loyalty.


See You in Wacken – Rain or Shine!