Karaoke From Hell at Wacken 2012 | W:O:A - Wacken Open Air
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Created by WackenHelge

Karaoke From Hell at Wacken 2012

Also this year there will be Karaoke shows with live band in Wacken. The name of this year´s karaoke crew is KARAOKE FROM HELL!




"The band with a thousand singers

Karaoke from Hell is loud, hard, passionate and wild. Their Repertory, consists only out of Rock’n’Roll-hits. Wether it is AC/DC, Metallica, Green Day, Ramones, Motörhead, Rolling Stones, Guns’N’Roses: nothing is holy for them. The basic formation does comprise of Guitar, Drums and Bass-Guitar. Although the band has a bearded guy who leads the audience through the show the band doesn’t have a vocalist – this job is done by hundreds. KARAOKE FROM HELL is the band of the thousand singers! Besides all the brave vocalists also stars like Peaches or Danko Jones joined the band. But what does “stars” mean here – everyone who is brave enough to enter the stage is a star. That’s KARAOKE FROM HELL. The bad is playing and the “guests” sing the displayed lyrics. Like Karaoke uses to be – just live, loud, hard, passionate and wild – like the band is, too.


Take a look at the repertory of the band and be at the Headbanger’s Stage on Wednesday between 02:00 and 03:00 and on Thursday between 01:30 and 03:00. Be the Vocalist of KARAOKE FROM HELL."


Attached as PDF data you can find the current list of Karaoke live songs below.