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Leaves´ Eyes & Torfrock at Wacken Open Air 2012!!!

Today we´ve got the next 2 highlights in our Wacken Live-Up – LEAVES´ EYES & TORFROCK


Leaves´ Eyes - After a few years of absence the band of vocalist Liv Kristine and Alexander Krull (Atrocity) will return to this year´s edition of Wacken Open Air!

Founded in 2003 the band released 4 albums until today. Their last critically acclaimed album “Meredead” reached rank 31 in the german longplayer charts.

As known from the past the band will unleash an amazing live show including their famous breathtaking stage decoration – the band will let their amazing Viking battleship set sail to go ashore directly on the stage at this year´s edition of Wacken Open Air .


Statements by Liv & Alex:

Liv Kristine: "I can't wait to play in Wacken again, our Viking ship heading northwards to make a fantastic show for you! Wacken has always been and will always be an amazing, unforgettable experience to me; the loud, crazy audience from all over the planet, the first-class Wacken crew, and all those memories that goes under you skin. Thank you, Wacken, for having us!"


Alex: "We are proud to be back with our Viking ship at Wacken and play for our friends and fans at the biggest Metal Open Air worldwide! There has always been a special connection between our bands and our friends at Wacken! See you under the Northern flag, my friends!"


Here is also a video statement from the band:

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Torfrock - The guys from Torfmoorholm are back!

In the past the band reached a lot of fame through hits like „Beinhart“ from teh „Werner“ movies or „Rollo der Wikinger“ (Rollo the Viking).

Even after 35 years of band history Torfrock do not waste a thought about stopping their music career and will soon release their 35 anniversary album. We are looking forward to have these guys back at the Wackinger stage here at Wacken!


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