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Created by Wacken-Ingo

Matthias "Evil Igel": Hell-o Folks!

Damn, Germany is freezing! Winterseason hold the land in his unmerciful grip and make the temperature fall even faster than the clothes on a wild X-Mas-Party. In one word: Its Snowtime! An April as an April should be. An April? Of course, its April! More and more Headbangers around this World are counting the Years in Wacken-Years.


A Wacken-Year starts with the Wacken Open Air in August and consquently now, four Months after the REAL New Year, we]re in April now. In the one and only, truely Wacken-April! Confusingly? Maybe. But what the hell can you celebrate on something like the (so called) News Years Eve, comparing the beginning of a new Wacken Open air-Season??


What kind of good Intentions can you promise yourself in the end of (so called) Dezember, in the middle of a Wacken-Year?? Have you ever someone heared saying something like "Oh, next year we should departure on sunday a little bit later from Wacken." or "Damn, next year i should think about another couple of socks!" on New Years Eve? Of course no! Such good and important intentions are made on Wacken-Sunday on the 1st Wacken-January...


And because of this, the new Wacken-Calendar 2006 begins with the (so called) August 2005 and ends with the Wacken-Year 2006. To make sure, the Wacken-Year 2006 will be an remarkable and great time for you, many nice pictures from the Wacken Dream Girls will guide you through this Calender and make you feel warm, even in the coldest Winter... :-)


For more Information about this Calendar scroll down or visit By the way! The official Wacken-Homepage has been updated recently and will been regular often updated now! (Hey, its Arpil...) Explore the growing Wacken History witch has an User-Gallery with tons of photos now or feast your eyes on wunderful Wacken Open Air-Tattoos from crazy and awesome loyal Wacken-Fans in the new "Wacken Tattoo"-Area! If you own a Wacken-Tattoo by yourself or rare and missed stuff for the Wacken-History-Area (check it out!), dare to take a picture and send it back Home (Wacken)! :-)


Or do you speaking finish or turkish? So you have the possibility to translate parts of the Wacken-Homepage for the turkish and finish Metalheadz!


...there's always something to Rock!


For more Information please scroll down or k(l)ick asses at!


See you at W:O:A 2006 - Rain (probable) Or Shine (who knowes)! \m/