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Metal artwork designer releases book

There is probably no other genre, where the linkage between cover artworks and music is so important like in the metal genre. In other genres, the artists use to take pictures from their own for their covers, but metal bands like to create stunning artworks in most cases. These artworks are meant to represent either single songs or the whole album. The music and the artworks go hand in hand.


One of the most important artwork artists from the metal scene is Paul Raymond Gregory, no doubt. Beside eleven album artworks for Saxon, he also created artworks for big names like Dio, Uriah Heep, Blind Guardian or the Wacken Open Air. Before he started to work with metal bands, he used to take JRR Tolkien’s The Lord Of The Rings to create a series of paintings about the great saga. Besides, he is one of the founders of the Bloodstock Open Air, which is an influential heavy metal festival in Great Britain. And of course he also makes the artworks for this event too.


Now he released Beyond Time and Place, a printed summary of his work. 176 pages show you the magic of his 40 years of painting. The book is available both in a limited and in a normal edition. A must for all fans of sophisticated artworks!


More information and the option to buy an exemplar are available here: