Metal-Battle 2009 | W:O:A - Wacken Open Air
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Created by Wacken-Helge

Metal-Battle 2009

Go and sharpen the swords and axes. The war trumpets are being heard beyond the country´s frontiers. The W:O:A Metal Battle goes to the sixth round.

Since the beginning in 2004 the W:O:A Metal Battle developed to the biggest talent contest for Metal bands of any kind. Winners from Germany, Brazil and the current champion “The Fading” ( thefadingmetal) from Israel emphasise the international focus and prove that there are countless highly talented Metal bands around the world which don´t need to hide from miscellaneous established acts.


The international final will take place on the W.E.T. stage of the W:O:A 2009 from 31 July to 02 August.

By the way, the national winners can look forward to several prices like Artist Price Endorsement Deals of our partners for example. Additionally, the international winner will get a record deal with Wacken Records as the first price.

This year we can introduce new partners as well. Spain, Ireland and Iceland are marching into battle too, beside the 16 established countries. We are still in negotiation with USA, Canada and Hungary.

The conditions, information, countries, winner bands and much more can be read at