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New UFO album coming out in spring 2009


„THE VISITOR“ to be released 29th May

Current tour dates will follow shortly


Good news for all fans of British rock legend UFO: their brandnew studio album “The Visitor” will be released this spring. It will be released 29th May 2009, current tour dates will also be announced shortly. UFO have composed more than 35 songs in total, out of which 13 were shortlisted and recorded in the studio. Presumably 11 songs will make it onto the regular album, the two remaining pieces are planned to appear as bonus tracks on the limited edition version. The current line-up still consists of the three original members Phil Mogg (vocals), Paul Raymond (guitars, keyboard) and Andy Parker (drums) who are being joined by American world class guitarist Vinnie Moore. Bass legend and founding member Pete Way is currently suffering from a liver disease and is therefore unfortunately not available for any studio recordings.


“Those who have always liked UFO will discover all our important trademarks on “The Visitor”, and those who listen to UFO for the first time will definitely be thrilled about the enthusiasm and dynamics of this piece”, says frontman Phil Mogg clearly happy about the new songs. Above all the band definitely profits from the cooperation with Vinnie Moore, who joined UFO in autumn 2003 and who left his mark on the albums You Are Here (2004) and The Monkey Puzzle (2006) as well as during their previous tours. Mogg: “Without wanting to downgrade previous UFO line-ups - there hasn’t been such a strong line-up as the current one for a long time. Vinnie contributes his youthful energy and his fabulous guitar technique to the band and with Andy’s return we got back a musician who has always been very important for the original sound of the band.”


The band will once again go on an extended world tour this year. The exact tour dates will be announced soon. Their participation at the Rock Hard festival end of May in Gelsenkirchen and at the Wacken Open Air taking place beginning of August have already been confirmed.