OBSCURA: ‘Omnivium’ Streaming Online Now; Set To Begin European Tour with Hate Eternal | W:O:A - Wacken Open Air
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OBSCURA: ‘Omnivium’ Streaming Online Now; Set To Begin European Tour with Hate Eternal

OBSCURA’s brand new album Omnivium is currently streaming in its entirety online now via MySpace Music. Omnivium, the follow-up to the band’s acclaimed Cosmogenesis album, saw its European release on April 1st on CD, Deluxe CD, double LP, and digitally.


OBSCURA will kick-off their first tour in support of Omnivium later this month as part of a four-week European tour alongside HATE ETERNAL, BENEATH THE MASSACRE, and more. This tour also includes a performance as part of the annual Neurotic Deathfest.


Updated OBSCURA news / tour information will be made available at the Relapse Records website: RELAPSE.com, the official OBSCURA MySpace page: MySpace.com/RealmofObscura, and Facebook fan page.


Here is a video:

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OBSCURA Tour Dates:


***All dates from April 29 thru May 21 w/ HATE ETERNAL, BENEATH THE MASSACRE, DEFILED***


April 29 Wurzburg, Germany Posthalle

April 30 Tilburg, Netherlands 013 (as part of Neurotic Deathfest)

May 1 Bristol, UK Fleece and Firkin

May 2 Manchester, UK Moho Live

May 3 London, UK Underworld

May 4 Vosselaar, Belgium Beibob

May 5 Paris, France Le Nouveau Casino

May 6 San Sebastian, Spain Sala Mogambos

May 7 A Curuna, Spain Sala Ola Green

May 8 Lisbon, Portugal Cine Teatro De Corroios

May 9 Badalona, Spain Estraperlo Club

May 11 Zurich, Switzerland Abart

May 12 Rome, Italy Blackout Rock Club

May 13 Romano Sesia, Italy Rock N Roll Arena

May 14 Ljubljana, Slovenia Gala Hala

May 15 Wien, Austria Arena

May 16 Munchen, Germany Feierwerk

May 17 Bratislava, Slovenia Randal Club

May 18 Krakow, Poland Rotunda

May 19 Berlin, Germany Cassiopeia

May 20 Leipzig, Germany Theaterfabrik

May 21 Essen, Germany Turock