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Created by Wacken-Martin

Open letter went to EMP-Magazine

Dear EMP readers,

as you already know, EMP will not be doing the W:O:A 2003 presentation. Due to some differences concerning 2002, therefore there will be no W:O:A adverts this year. However we have the possibility of giving you a view of the upcoming festival as well as introducing changes and improvements which are 100%. Firstly the most important: There will not be a price increase for this year. The ticket price is the same as 2002 (55,- ? incl. all charges on all days) ? and as usual the camping is without charge (free). Nevertheless we still offer you improvements and changes: Here are just a few things that have already been changed:

- Free admission to the Wackener public baths

- Flush toilets and showers with staff. Separate entrances and extra ladies toilets

- The reserved areas are all integrated (gras areas)

- There will not be a messed up return garbage action; but if anyone does want to give up their garbage they will get a goodie!

- Improved lights situation & a better description of the camping areas and the departure

- Still more actions and draws on the W:O:A homepage

- Reservation of camps with groups with 50 or more persons

- Limitation to 30,000 paying visitors

- Helicopter sightseeing flights

- 2 big entrance areas > grant a faster admission

- The food stands will be better checked by us > price reduction or better quality already converted in the Paulaner beer garden

- Infoscreens and meeting bases on the festival area for more Infotainment at changes in the Running order, shuttle times, at the Metaltrain, autographing sessions, other activities, thunderstorm warnings, traffic information, safety etc..

- Information points with telephone for problems on the festival area, forecourt as well as on the way to the village

- Festival area is restructured. More place in the inside and outer area by moving of the Food miles and beer stands

- Coincidence of the stage sounds is prevented by the adjustment of the stages as well as less bands, however, we will have 4 stages like 2002

- W:O:A beer garden, Metal-Breakfast, Prince Body Wash, Jack Daniels saloon, Meet & Greet, the largest Non Food mile, 2 days Metal market & workshops, Headbangersballroom with Metal-karaoke and many deejays since Wednesday, Metal tombola for a good purpose with fat prices, Metal-Soccer cup, Metal-Train, bus tours with Bock-Tours, short routes to the festival area, all stewards with No. provided, etc.

- The parking fees will stay at 20,- ? per motor vehicle (independent of the number of passengers!). We do without dubious garbage pledge actions here which haven't worked at any festival of this order of magnitude yet

- 4 supermarkets with civilian prices on the camping area. Due to the can pledge difficulties a single service!

At all tolerance about our partners: We are just faster-harder-louder and thanks to you, the fans, something special. These also show the large number of foreign Metalheads as well as the village of Wacken with their inhabitants - everyone participates in it. You can´t compare the festivals under each other but if you compare all factors, you will see that the price & performance relationship is still correct in Wacken. Just in the international comparison! However, we don't rest on this and give full throttle! The W:O:A has grown also with your criticism within all the years and we want to handle this also in the future. Further information, the current billing, photos and Q + A at our home page

In metal we trust!! Many thanks for your understanding and the boundless support.


Your W:O:A Team