RECKLESS TIDE: CD release of the Metal Battle winner 2004 | W:O:A - Wacken Open Air
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RECKLESS TIDE: CD release of the Metal Battle winner 2004

RECKLESS TIDE: "Repent Or Seal Your Fate"


News from the Metal Battle winner 2004:


"Repent Or Seal Your Fate" incl. DVD will be released including everything what the Thrasher-Heart desires at 21.02.2005


The DVD - arranged by the band-members themselves - takes you to a travel through the history of the band - with the Wacken gig as the highlight!


You also can see the guest appearance of Annihilator and Holy Moses!


The 26.02.2005 must be signed red in your calendar!

The Releaseparty of "Repent Or Seal Your Fate" takes place in the "Underworld", Hannover.


Guests: Holy Moses, Contradiction, Desilence, Chateau, Exotherm, Wrathchild



For more Information check out the Homepage!


One new song will be presented by a short report and a teaser every Friday and Tuesday at the homepage!

Enjoy reading and listening!


Of course you will be informed about the "Repent Or Seal Your Fate" Tourdates 2005 soon!


Don´t forget the Releaseparty in the "Pumpe" (red saloon) in Kiel on 25.02.



For more information, check out: or




RECKLESS TIDE from Hannover ? Thrashmetal, incorperating the best of traditional and modern elements, combining neck-breaking riffs and melodic hooklines.


In October 2000 the band was brought to life by drummer Kai Swillus and the guitarists Susanne Swillus and Oliver Jaath and after a lengthy search the band was joined by English shouter Andrew Troth and bass player Henning Pfeiffer. With the arrival of the second vocalist Kjell Hallgreen in October 2002, the band professionally recorded their first EP ?Insanity or Reality" in the Hamburg Absurd Studio. With this material and the positive reaction from the press, the name RECKLESS TIDE quickly and successfully established itself in the German Thrashmetal underground scene and in May 2003, the 2-tracker ?7 Minutes of Thrash" was recorded bringing the bands character out to the fullest. The reputation of being an energy loaded live act was successfully proved at the Metal Battle at the Wacken Open Air festival in 2004. Taking first place and the prize of a record deal with Armageddon Music RECKLESS TIDE once again visited the Hamburg Absurd Studio to produce the debut album ?Repent or Seal Your Fate" under the supervision of Schrödey. With the album they?ve been able to build on the characters of the 2 vocalists and meld this into an interesting spectrum of material. For the mastering phase of the production, the services of Andy Classen (Stage One Studio) could be won and with guest appearances from Jeff Waters (Annihilator) and Sabina Classen (Holy Moses) the production has found it?s conclusion. Along with the CD there is also the digi-pack which consists of about an hour of DVD material including the gig at the W:O:A festival plus footage from the metal quiz, a studio report and a short tour diary. ?Repent or Seal Your Fate" will be released worldwide on the 21.02.2005.