REVIEW: The cult festival >>14 years - louder than hell!<< | W:O:A - Wacken Open Air
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Created by Wacken-Martin

REVIEW: The cult festival >>14 years - louder than hell!<<

The 14th Wacken open air is over now and it became the best organized festival in the long history of W:O:A .



30.000 visitors from all over the world celebrated a peaceful and safe Metalparty. We would like to thank all the Metalheadz.


Also more than 1.300 journalists of all continents contribute that the W:O:A became the most important Heavy Metal festival in the world.


Also here our thanks for a very good co-operation and the great support.



But a lot of logistics and men-power were necessary to garantee the course of such a festival.


Wacken 2003 that also means: 1.000 people from stuff built in less than two weeks a 100 hectares great Festival area.500 Securitys, 200 medics and 50 policeofficers were in the use, 4 fire-brigades had fortunately no necessity to disengage. Our Site crew set up 15,000 m fence, hung 5,000 view covers and blocked in addition still 1,300 m stage and inlet lattices. 500 signs attached and 450m emergency routes were built.


7 large tents had to be established.


The technology shifted 85 km cables, in 35 containers altogether 40 voice grade channels was put and 20 computers ? workplaces had to be furnished.

the steelworkers made from 100 t steel 4 stages , 70 generator produced the same electricity needed for a small town In this year 350 mobil toilets, 380 water-rinsed toilets were placed. 45,000 roles of toilet paper were needed. 300 showers, 50 washbasin and free entrance in the Wacken swimming pool provided for sufficient body hygiene. The result: 120.000 m³ waste water had to be disposed. In two Cateringareas 7,000 crew meals were eated. 61 band on stage, that means: 500 hotel reservations and 300 shuttle travels with altogether 8 shuttle vehicles. But the W:O:A vehicle park had to offer still some more. 5 Nightliner, 3 fork-lift trucks, 4 wheeled loaders; 2 jeeps, 2 pick-ups, 1 touring bus, 2 tractors, 3 trucks, 2 recovery vehicles, 2 General German Automobile Association vehicles and 8 toilet suction cars were 24 Std. in work. And not least in two days we pick up garbage , which became to fill 40 trucks. 14. W:O.A had also still some innovations at the start.

It has for the first time a video wall between the two main stages, 4 LED´s for permanent informations and a lot of visitors get their informations by mobilfon ? service. Over 200 Metalheadz showed us their performance in Odiums loudest mobile toilet. Our film team has over 70 hours film material arranged for the W:O:A 2003 DVD. Completely particularly it makes us happy that the order forces did not have to report any incidents and the Festival is still a peaceful happening of metal fan.


Last but not least we would like to thank all the citizens of wacken, without their support W:O:A was not able to become the festival it is.


The Festival is the Headliner and every band plays a Best of program.........


We are looking forward to the next year - our anniversary: 15 years Faster - Harder - Louder

See you in Wacken - rain or shine<<

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Your W:O:A team