Saxon - Heavy Metal Thunder - Live - Eagles Over Wacken - D2C Box | W:O:A - Wacken Open Air
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Created by WackenHelge

Saxon - Heavy Metal Thunder - Live - Eagles Over Wacken - D2C Box

As of today, you can pre-order the Saxon D2C/Direct To Consumer Box online at:


UDR Online Shop and


Strictly limited, this exclusive package contains the "Best Of Wacken" DVD, a double audio CD recorded live in Glasgow (2011) on the Call To Arms tour,


plus the full and complete Saxon W:O:A performances from 2004/2007/2009 - each on a separate DVD and, a Saxon flag.


The real surprise is that 10 'Golden Tickets' are randomly included in the box sets, which will allow the 10 lucky winners to visit any Saxon concert in any city around the world (excluding festival appearances).


'Silver Tickets' giving access to special online content are for the remaining boxes so there are no losers - only winners.


SAXON "Heavy Metal Thunder - Live - Eagles Over Wacken"

• DVD 1: Best Of W:O:A (2004/2007/2009)

• Double CD: Glasgow Live, Recorded On The Call To Arms World Tour, April 14th, 2011

• DVD 2: W:O:A 2004 - full show

• DVD 3: W:O:A 2007 - full show

• DVD 4: W:O:A 2009 - Fan’s Choice Setlist - full show

• Saxon - Heavy Metal Thunder - W:O:A flag

• “Golden Ticket” / “Silver Ticket”


Preorder NOW online at: