Surprise ACT: Machine Head confirmed!!!! | W:O:A - Wacken Open Air
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Created by Wacken-Ingo

Surprise ACT: Machine Head confirmed!!!!

Finally - Surprise Act announced!



Dear Metalheads,


there were many speculations about our surprise act. The romur mill was blowing... Many of you thought of Judas Priest and they're right! Judas Priest was confirmed! This would be an absolute "hammer" for you and us, but sadly they had to call off, because they didn't get enough shows in Europe in August so it would did not make any sense for the band to fly over from USA to Europe. Luckily we did not announce it!


We were put off now on 2006. 100,000 flyer, which lay ready, are heading now into the press.


But we're lucky and proud to announce another favourite band, who never played in Wacken:


MACHINE HEAD will come exclusively and finally to the W:O:A and will play on friday!


Will they break the record of Children of Bodom with more than 5000 crowdsurfers at the W:O:A 2004?


W:O:A will be the only festival in Germany the band will play.



W:O:A Team


More info about MH: