The Electric Hotel @ Wacken 2012 | W:O:A - Wacken Open Air
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Created by WackenHelge

The Electric Hotel @ Wacken 2012



The Mobile Powerstation. The Communication Platform. The Piece of Art.

THE ELECTRIC HOTEL is the oasis for power-hungry electric nomads. Here you can recharge your mobile device, be it phone, camera or other, with 100% renewable energy. An old american Airstream-Trailer that has been converted into a hotel reception offers space for up to 400 devices to be charged with electricity that has been generated using only wind and sun - in a secure and very charming way. You do not even need to bring your own charging cord; the professional staff on board has adapters for almost any kind of mobile phone right there.


This is already the second time THE ELECTRIC HOTEL makes a tour stop at WACKEN OPEN AIR. After the huge success in 2011, we bring along even more modules for you to watch, try and awe at. Of course, the Generator Bike will be there, allowing one person to generate power for up to ten others, that in return have to keep the pedalists spirit up. Or our Electric Campfire, where you can plug in your own adapter to charge, in case you need a quick fill-up, and meet up with other festival guests. And there is more, including an animation film program and a brand new, still secret major new way to generate electricity Rock'n'Roll-Style.


As last year, THE ELECTRIC HOTEL will support the WACKEN FOUNDATION with part of the generated income.


Time to start practicing the Electric Salute...