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Created by WackenHelge

The Electric Hotel

Every festival visitor knows the problem: You are on a festival, lost your friends, the mobile phone is on low battery and no electric socket in sight – that´s annoying!

But now we have a solution for this problem situated on the Wacken Plaza besides the safety locker truck – It´s name: “The Electric Hotel”


Electric What?

Behind the curtain of this strange sounding name hides a construction of inventive spirit. THE ELECTRIC HOTEL is an airstream-trailer which was rebuilt into a mobile power plant for charging mobile devices. The power from this trailer is absolutely clean and created from renewable energy sources like wind, kinetics and photovoltaic cells.


For a little fee of 2€ small electric devices like f.e. mobile-/Iphones, cameras can be delivered for charging. 0,50€ of this fee will be donated for a good cause to the Wacken Foundation. The reception inside of the trailer will hand out sheets for receiving and collecting and lock your phone or other device into the locker matrix for charging. You certainly won´t have to pay for charging if you get on one of the bikes and pedal by yourself.

On the outside of the trailer there will be also sockets, giving you the possibility to charge your mobile device by yourself.


Besides providing energy, the goal of the electric hotel is to provide awareness for the responsible dealing with resources.

So take a look and try it!



W:O:A team