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Created by WackenTom

The last regular bands for W:O:A 2019

Metalheads, today we’re closing the last gaps in the Running Order for W:O:A 2019 with some old friends and some first timers. 

What started as a little idea has evolved into one of many highlights of the festival. This year we present two acts for our very own Metal Church which will definitely provide the perfect atmospheresetting for these artists. We shouldn't have to tell anybody about legendary german guitar genius Uli Jon Roth and his massive contributions to contemporary Rockmusic. That would be like bringing Bullheads to Wacken. So we are thrilled that he agreed to perform in the rather intimate setting the local Wacken church has to offer. This will be a real treat, just like the performance from German Folkrockers Fairytale. With tracks such as „Autumn’s Crown“ they already proved that they are one of the hottest up-and-coming bands from that genre and are guaranteed to caprure the hearts of audience with a very special perfoemance. 

If you like your metal with the solid qualities of a 2x4 you’ll be delighted th hear that we’re bringing Lionsheart to the holy ground, one of the heavyweights of the scene. Right at the intersection of Metal and Hardcore, right between the eyes - just beautiful. We’ll meet everybody in the pit we guess. For swiss All-Girl-Metal Band Burning Witches it is a real first time W:O:A-experience. The Ladys are currently working on their next record, so they are not playing too many shows this summer - but we are proud to be one of them. 

Wacken without Mambo Kurt? Thats pretty hard to imagine. So we’re bringing the „God of Heimorgel“ back for the umpteenth time and we are pretty sure that he will get the crowds at the Beer Garden and Headbanger Stages losing their minds in no time. Another W:O:A institusion are the Wacken Firefighters of course. They will rock the Beer Garden again as well as Blechblosn, another traditional german act. Also welcome to the Beer Garden Stage: German Rockers Deine Cousine and Beschissene 6 who are reportedly the stuff of many legends. 

Additionally we’re happy to welcome English Rockers Naked Six (fronted by Seb Byford, son of Saxons Biff Byford), female Metalists Slave To Sirens from the Lebanon, Pagan-Deathers Helsott, US-Power-Proggers The Offering and Norwegian steamrollers Fight The Fight