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Created by Wacken-Martin

The Quireboys - new album!!!



Spike - vocals

Guy Griffin - guitars

Nigel Mogg - bass

Paul Guerin - guitars

Keith Weir - keyboards

Pip - drums


There are pithy slogans that require no further explanation, and every time vocalist Spike self-confidently informs his enthusiastic audience ?We are the Quireboys ... and this is rock ?n? roll,? everyone present has a pretty clear idea where this musical journey is about to lead. For fifteen years, the Quireboys have been synonymous with hand-made rock music, spiced with edgy riffs, driving rhythms and their frontman?s unique voice, all in true Rolling Stones and Guns N? Roses tradition. Yet the Quireboys have never felt the need to emulate their supposed idols; their originality, their charisma and their unequivocal rock ?n? roll slogans have always guaranteed the band their very own place in rock history. One year after their celebrated comeback live album, 100% Live, the Quireboys are ready to return to the limelight with their latest studio recording, Well Oiled. The album is suitably named: the band?s clean and well-oiled rock machinery picks up speed after a few bars and marches straight through haunting numbers like the opener, ?Good To See You?, the subsequent ?The Finer Stuff? and ?You?ve Got A Nerve? or the intense ?Sweet As The Rain?. If the Quireboys? qualities haven?t convinced you after the closing track, ?Black Mariah?, you?ve definitely come to the wrong place.


For six long years, between 1993 and 1999, not much was heard from the band. Having got together in 1986, the Quireboys soon went on to spread their hot sleaze rock all over Europe. Two singles released by a small independent label in England consolidated their fan community, which continued to grow with every gig. When Ozzy Osbourne?s wife Sharon signed the band in the late Eighties, everything went its apparently almost inevitable course: their debut album, A Bit Of What You Fancy, came out in 1990 and went straight to no. 2 of the Japanese and British album charts ? an amazing success for a new band! Live, the Quireboys developed a charm all of their own. Their stage set resembled an English pub, their songs were about the most tempting of all vices ? namely wine, women and good music.


In the early Nineties, the Quireboys were enlisted to play as opening act for the Rolling Stones and performed at England?s legendary Castle Donington festival. Only a few months later, Live Around The World arrived, an impressive stage document immortalising those first successful concerts. In 1993, the musicians ensconced themselves in a Vancouver studio with production legend Bob Rock to cut their second studio recording, Bitter, Sweet & Twisted. But in the meantime, the arrival of grunge had thoroughly influenced the zeitgeist of the scene, and the media reacted with restraint. In other words, there wasn?t much more to be said on the subject of the Quireboys, and their 1994 best-of release gave the impression of a posthumous obituary. There was still the odd show, but life as a real band appeared to be a thing of the past for the time being.


Then all of a sudden ? it was in 1999 ? the band returned to the stage to the delight of their many faithfuls. A new recording contract and the albums Lost In Space (featuring older cuts) and This Is Rock ?n? Roll resuscitated the group?s career.