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Ticket personalization for the W:O:A 2013 – information in advance of the pre-sale start

Tickets for the W:O:A 2013 will be personalized. In order to enable us to take legal action against scalpers and Ebay-hustlers we have decided with your participation to personalize Wacken tickets. The results of our opinion poll regarding personalization will be published at the end of these news/ and FAQ..


In the following FAQ we have briefly assembled all procedures and questions regarding the personalization:


FAQ Ticket personalization



Only a personalization of the tickets enables to strike legally against Ebay-hustlers and sellers on other known platforms such as Viagogo for example or ticket traders.


How do I benefit? The original Wacken ticket will exclusively be sold onwww.metaltix.com By further preventing the secondary market we want to ensure that fans will be able to receive their tickets through Metaltix and not black market dealers or scalpers.


How does the festival benefit?

Our advantage is the same as yours. We want YOU to be able to buy your tickets from Metaltix and not from people trying to rip you off.


Will the costs be added to the ticket price?

Of course the personalization causes administrative and logistic expenses. As opposed to the claims of some in advance of this system change there are no monetary gains involved. The costs will not be added to the ticket price, which remains the same for W:O:A 2013 as the previous edition.


Which data will be needed for personalization?

Your first and family name will be needed. This information is necessary to compare the name on your id card with the name on the ticket at the check-in of W:O:A 2013 to identify its genuine owner.


How does the personalization work?

1) When buying a ticket from www.metaltix.com you do not need to enter any personal data. This means that everything works as during the last years, but from now on up to five tickets may be purchased.

2) The W:O:A paper ticket now features a blank box, into which you have to enter your first and family name on reception. Your full name has to be written in well readable capitals. A ticket without its proper owner’s name will not be valid!

3) This means that it is possible to identify the owner of a ticket, which is therefore personalized.


What happens, if I do not enter my name in the box on the ticket?

Any ticket without a name loses its validity. The buyer agrees in the general terms and conditions of the organizer of the Wacken Open Air to provide this data.


What if, I cannot attend the festival?

We are still offering you the possibility to sell your ticket for its original price at our ticket-exchange. PLEASE NOTE! A sale is ONLY and EXCLUSIVELY allowed at Metaltix. Please read about the conditions of the ticket exchange at this link: http://woafor.wacken.com/showthread.php?t=141481

(A new feature of the ticket exchange is that the seller has to send the original and verified to us, where it will be destroyed. Once we have certified the originality to the seller and after he has successfully transferred the purchase price to the buyer, the latter will receive a new ticket from us.)


End of FAQ

We reckon to have found a good solution to effectively counter the black/secondary market and at the same time respond to your wishes, which you have communicated in the opinion poll regarding personalization. If you have further suggestions or questions, please let us know by e-mail to: personalisierung@wacken.com


As regards this subject please refer also to the general terms and conditions of the organizer, the ICS Festival Service GmbH, at the following LINK


The results of our opinion poll regarding personalization:

In mutual cooperation with you, we have decided to personalize the tickets for the W:O:A 2013. In preparation we had started an opinion poll on the W:O:A Homepage, in which the results tended clearly towards a personalization. About 70% of more than 5000 participants have agreed to personalization without any reservations. Roughly 9% are completely adverse to personalization as they to not wish the have their personal data linked to the tickets. We have taken their opinion into account with the chosen way of personalization. 14% do not want a personalization as they believe that people not buying their ticket early enough are simply out of luck. The final 7% have claimed not to care about this topic at all.